Urgent Action Needed:
HB 4722!


We need your support now more than ever to protect the backbone of West Virginia's economy: the coal industry. HB 4722 is a crucial piece of legislation that will not only incentivize greater investments in coal but also ensure that our state's families can continue to rely on affordable electricity.

In the face of mounting pressures and anti-coal regulations from Washington DC, it's imperative that we take proactive steps to safeguard our coal industry. These bills offer a lifeline, allowing us to reinvest revenues back into coal, ensuring the longevity of this vital sector.

As one of the 50,000 individuals employed in our state's coal industry, we urge you to join us in supporting HB 4722. By doing so, we can protect jobs, preserve our economy, and maintain affordable energy for West Virginia families.

Your support is crucial in this fight. Sign our action alert today to show your backing for these essential pieces of legislation. Together, we can secure a brighter future for West Virginia coal.